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Duration: 5 hours.

560 + IVA 21%

Using a device like this as a simple oven is like having a Ferrari and not shifting out of first gear.

A manual combined steamer also has a lot to contribute to a kitchen: roasts, breaded, sautéed, low temperatures, griddle/grill, bain-marie, steam, dehydrated, etc.

Programming and cooking by combining the different modes is what truly makes the difference. We teach you everything you need to know to perform different cooking methods.

What will we learn?

  1. How and when we should use humidity inside the cabin.
  2. How to improve most cooking in terms of time, shrinkage, and juiciness.
  3. How to create your own programs and make the cooking always come out the same.
  4. What types of cooking can be done at the same time and how to do it.
  5. The use of the probe: how to cook according to the desired cooking point.
  6. What cooking materials and accessories are most interesting to make the most of the equipment.
  7. Connectivity: incidents, HAPPCC and process management all in its corresponding APP.
  8. Care, maintenance and recommendations for a long life.

What else does it include?

Receive your training certificate upon course completion

Direct contact with your instructor.

Training materials provided.

 Financiado por la Unión Europea – NextGenerationEU