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Duration: 12 hours spread over three days.

1470 + IVA 21%

All dishes the same, all hot, all at their perfect cooking point and at the same time.

The plated regeneration system is the revolution of banquets.

We are talking about having all the dishes counted, plated and ready to regenerate from the day before the event.

Sauce, decorate and go! No more weekend extras and madness at the time of the pass.

In this course we will explain everything you need to know to carry out this operation with 100% quality conditions. We will talk about the composition of the dishes, how to preserve juiciness, control cooking points, avoid stains or excess moisture and all the necessary details to carry out the system.

What will we learn?

  1. The different types of regeneration that can be carried out in a kitchen.
  2. Production rules and tricks that ensure good regeneration and allow adaptation to the event.
  3. How to avoid the typical regeneration failures: overcooked points, dry foods, flooded dishes, cold or stained, etc.
  4. What we should take into account to design our banquet dishes.
  5. How to organize and work the moment of service so that everything goes smoothly.

What else does it include?

Receive your training certificate upon course completion

Direct contact with your instructor.

Training materials provided.

 Financiado por la Unión Europea – NextGenerationEU